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Aug. 27th, 2008

To The Left

Winged [Un]Victory

Character:  Batwoman/Kate Kane
Fandom:  Batman
Title:  Winged [Un]Victory
Word count:  1026
Rating:  Teen
Characters:  Batwoman, Silver St. Cloud, Winged Villain
Author's Note:  Takes place in current continuity, though liberties with supporting cast are my own. Written for the picture prompt.
Summary: Batwoman faces of a would-be nemesis while chatting with her best friend.

"Ungh!" Batwoman grunted as she hit the rooftop and skidded across it. She collided with a brick chimney. Hard. She lay there for a moment, breathing deeply, struggling, just for a moment, to get back up. She rose to her feet shakily, and reached into the red utility belt slung low across her hips. She pulled out a shiny red batarang and took off running across the rooftop, her long scalloped cape streaming along behind her with her rich red-brown hair. Her bright eyes peered out from behind her night-vision lenses as she leapt across a rooftop and landed on another one.

"Kate? Kate, can you hear me?"


"Hey! Yeah. Where are you?"

"...Patrolling. Where...are you?"

"You're, ah, apartment." Batwoman could hear the voice of her best friend smiling over the other line. "Interesting that you have a communication device without having anyone at home to communicate with."

"Yeah, well, I kind of figured you might like to keep me company every once in awhile."

"How thoughtful. You sure you don't just want to find a teenage girl and throw her in a costume and call her Sparrow or Bluebird or Pigeon?"

"Cute, Sil."

"So, you finding any action?"

Batwoman leapt across another rooftop. "Yeah. Crazy woman with this skeletal winged backpack thing that shoots razors. She's pretty strong too."

"Did she have a sonic scream?" Batwoman heard typing on the other end. Clearly, Silver had helped herself to Batwoman's equipment and was looking things up for her. Thank god for best friends. "No. Not that I know of. She was strong though. Tough. And her wings? They shot out blades. Razor sharp blades."

"Okay, so Silver Swan is out. So is any incarnation of the Man-Bat. So is Silver Banshee, even though she has no wings...and wow. Okay, these villains need to stop using Silver in their codename. It makes me feel...I don't know. Insulted. Wrong. Potentially evil."

Batwoman chuckled. "When on Earth did you become so comfortable with this, Sil? Even when I first came out to you, you weren't fazed by it."

"Oh honey, it was your second coming out. I mean, after the first one, I doubt that anything could surprise me."

"Thanks," Batwoman said dryly. "And shit."

"Found her?"

"Oh yeah. And by the way she's flying, I think her boobs are fake."

Silver chuckled. "Don't check her out, B, fight her."

Batwoman let loose with the batarang, aiming for the wing of the razor-winged villain. The batarang clipped a side of the metallic wing, but not enough to bring the woman down. Still, it got her attention. The woman whirled around in the middle of the air and looked down at Batwoman standing on the roof below her. Smiling maliciously, the woman swooped down towards Batwoman. The caped redhead waited until the last possible second before ducking down. As she did so, she grabbed the woman's ankle and - while noting that the shoes she wore were Jimmy Choos that weren't even out on the market yet on this side of the world - yanked hard. The winged woman fell, one of her wings taking out another brick chimney.

Batwoman strode over to her and placed a foot on the woman's scantily-clad chest, ensuring that her rubber-soled heel dug into the woman just enough to hurt without doing much damage. "Who the hell are you?" Batwoman asked through gritted teeth.

"Gotham's next big thing," the woman replied between gasps of heavy breathing. "You know as well as I do that Gotham needs a new breed - both of heroes and villains. The fact that you're here is proof enough for that."

"And so you figured, what? Now that there's a new hero in Gotham City, there needs to be a new villain? An arch-nemesis?"

"Well, it's not like Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy or anyone was stepping up anytime soon."

"That's because they knew better. Now who are you?"

"I haven't actually decided on a name yet. Bird of Prey. Stymphalia. Woman-Bat. Pterodactra. Silver Harpy. I'm still choosing. Unless, of course, the media comes up with something better."

Batwoman heard Silver groan over her earpiece. "Please tell her not to go with that last choice."

"How about you just don't bother coming up with a codename? You're not even Arkham worthy. You're bound for Blackgate."

"That's what you think." The woman's skeletal wings shot off a few blades that flew straight for Batwoman's face. Immediately, she deflected them with the small blade-like fins of her gloves. It was copied from a move that Kate had seen Wonder Woman do a million times on tv, when she was deflecting bullets. It worked ridiculously well.

"Amateur." Batwoman pulled a ball of knock-out gas and threw it down next to the woman's head.

A small hiss sounded and the woman sank into a deep sleep.

"Sil, do me a favor and call the cops. Tell them there's a little birdie waiting for them on the corner of Dini and Simone," Batwoman said as she handcuffed the woman. Hoisting her over her shoulder, Batwoman strode over to the edge of the rooftop and dropped down. Floors and windows went shuttling past her. Batwoman pulled out the small staff-like object that she favoured - a weapon with metallic red bats on either side - and pushed a button. The end facing up shot out - revealing itself to be a grappling hook - and wrapped itself around a horizontal flag pole. Batwoman lowered herself down on the ground and placed the winged woman down before shooting back up into the night sky.

"Not much of an opponent, was she?" Silver asked as Batwoman found herself back on the rooftop.

"No. No, not at all."

"Still, that doesn't mean that there won't be other, tougher ones."

"I faced Intergang, Silver. I faced Whisper A'daire and I proved prophecies written about me to be wrong. I'm fairly certain that I can handle whatever else is coming my way."

"I hope for your sake that you're right, B. Because I know that sooner or later, you're going to find yourself an arch-nemesis."

"Won't that be fun?"

May. 28th, 2008

To The Left

2.16.4 ". If you absolutely, positively HAD to marry someone, today, who would it be, and why?"


Renee Montoya.

The woman masquerading around Gotham City - and most of the United States - as the new Question.

Don't give me that look. 

Who else would I marry? Who else could I possibly marry?

The very idea of her sends shivers up and down my spine. I feel hot but cold, excited but calm, completely crazy and yet so completly sane. She pulls me in two opposite directions, and between them both I find that perfect center of being. That happiness. That fire. That passion. I've never felt that with any one since, and I doubt I'll ever feel it with anyone ever.

I love Renee Montoya more than I would ever like to admit to myself. She's the perfect woman in every aspect, and then some.


No one will ever measure up to her.

And yet...I'll never know what it's like to lay on a married bed with her.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Words: 153

Apr. 20th, 2008

To The Left


“If I really wanted your advice, I would have asked for it. Or not.” Batwoman raised an eyebrow at the figure hidden in the shadows, knowing full well that the figure wouldn’t be able to see the upper half of her facial expression, even if he possessed X-Ray vision, which she was sure he didn’t. “I mean, let’s face it. You abandoned Gotham City for a year. A year. What else was I supposed to do? Gotham means a lot to me, in ways that you probably can’t even understand. Did you really want me to leave it to Intergang and the rest?”

The figure in the shadows didn’t answer her. He didn’t make any reply. It was like he was still watching her, studying her, trying to see if he was good enough to join his little family. That was the thing though. Sure, she had taken on the symbol of the Bat, but she wasn’t looking for his permission to use it. She wasn’t looking to join his family of caped crusaders. She could do things on her own, thank you very much. The only reason she’d even chosen the Bat was because of what it represented to Gotham City. That, and because she looked damned good in red and black.

“What, Batman? No more words beyond a reprimand for handling Harley Quinn the way I did? Good. I’m not a teenager, and I’m not one of your protégés. I’m a grown woman who’s not seeking your approval trying to protect a city that’s as much hers as it is yours, perhaps even more so, all things considered. Don’t watch me, don’t stalk me, and don’t try to dish any advice out to me. It’s uncalled for, and it’s not at all welcomed.”

There were still no words from the Batman. Only his white-lensed eyes, staring at Batwoman quietly.

“Do we have an understanding?” Batwoman stared right back into the white lenses, unrelentingly. She would bow to no one, and she would follow no one’s so-called rules and regulations. Not when her family legally owned half of Gotham City.

“For now.”

Muse: Batwoman/Kate Kane
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Words: 355

Apr. 6th, 2008

To The Left

2.10.1.I - “Have you ever heard of multiple personality?” The Three Faces of Eve

Have you ever heard of multiple personality? Clinically speaking, multiple personality is a rare disorder in which an individual displays several functionally dissociated personalities, each one comparable to that of a normal individual. I don’t suffer from that. Not really. But my affliction is somewhat close to that to the world at large.

See, the world sees me as three very different personalities.

There is Katherine Kane the younger of the Gotham City Kanes. High society debutante with a trust fund and a bevy of handsome, eligible men, all of whom she romances and seduces, but none of whom who have been able to tie the gorgeous, buxom redhead down for good and make “an honest woman” of.

Then there is Kate Kane, lesbian. Aah, yes. The first big secret that I’ve ever kept from anyone I’ve ever loved. The few times I’ve told people, it’s ended badly for me. My stepmother is terrified of me making an embarrassment of her in Gotham high society. My father dislikes my orientation, and though we never speak of it, we both know that he wishes me to marry someone rich and powerful, Bruce Wayne or a Vreeland or even someone up and coming into power like Gil Mason. But I’m not a woman who’s built like that – or even into that. When I have a family of my own, it will be with a woman of my choice.

And lastly, there is Batwoman, the newest – and rather unofficial – member of Gotham City’s crime-fighting family. Batwoman, while in no way as controversial as Katherine Kane or Kate Kane, is perhaps my biggest public identity next to the high society party girl image that I have so carefully cultivated. Hardly anyone knows that Batwoman and Kate Kane are the same woman, and there are reasons for this. If one of my identities becomes unraveled and connected, then the third will come very close to doing so, and I can’t let that happen.

There’s too much at stake.

So I’ve chosen to live my life with three, separate, distinct personalities, even if they tend to overlap sometimes.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Words: 353

Aug. 3rd, 2007

To The Left

"You've temporarily turned into a child* -- what do you do?

Is it wrong that my first thought is a rousing game of kiss chase with a bunch of the prettiest girls in town?

I'm partially kidding.


I don't know, actually, what I'd do if I was temporarily turned into a child. My first thought would be to find out who it was that caused this to happen. My first bet'd probably be Intergang, knowing my luck. Just because Marcone's down doesn't mean Whisper A'daire - or anyone else who has a fervent belief in the Crime Bible - hasn't stopped trying to kill me and bring about the end of the world or whatever new prophecy there is running around about the twice-named daughter of Cain.

No, what would I really do if I was temporarily turned into a child? I'd go into hiding, because I'm a hell of a lot more vulnerable that way, because there's no guarantee that they weren't the cause of the deaging.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 158

Jun. 16th, 2007

To The Left

Tell Me A Secret

"So...you've been acting odd lately," Silver St. Cloud said, setting her mojito back carefully on its coaster. She cocked her head to one side, her silvery-blue eyes studying her best friend, Kate Kane, carefully. She smiled a sly little smile that let Kate know that Silver knew that Kate was hiding something.

Embarassed, Kate looked down at her lychee martini and swirled it around her glass, avoiding Silver's knowing gaze.

"I kissed Renee. Last Christmas."

Silver was silent for a moment, her eyes growing wide. "Wow. That is major. But that's not the secret you're keeping from me, so we'll get back to that in a minute," she said, moving her stool in closer to Kate's. "Spill it."

Kate sighed and studied Silver closely. They'd known each other for years, since they were little girls. Of course they had. Their mothers had been best friends growing up. Kate had told Silver everything, and in turn, Silver had told Kate everything. They just had that sort of friendship.

And yet, this little secret...well, it wasn't quite so little.

"It's not really something I can say outloud in here," Kate said, nodding to the crowd around them. "Besides, this isn't how I wanted to tell you my news."

Silver raised an eyebrow and pulled a small notepad and pen out of her clutch purse. She passed it along to Kate. "Write it down. You're not getting out of this. Tell me your secret, Kate Kane."

Kate shot Silver a mock glare and quickly scribbled something onto the notepad. It was bat emblem that was splayed across her Batwoman costume. She passed it back to Silver with a look in her eyes that told her not to react to the news just yet.

Silver looked down at the notepad and groaned. As she started to stuff the pad and pen back into her purse, she darkly muttered, "What is it with you people and bats?"

"You people? Silver, what are you talking about?"

Silver looked up in horror. She hadn't expected Kate to hear her. And she couldn't very well tell her about Bruce's secret. She'd promised she'd keep that, well, a secret. "Nothing. It's nothing. You want another round of drinks?"

"Silver..." Kate cooed, placing a hand over her best friend's, staring into her eyes this time. She cocked her head to one side and smiled at Silver winningly. "Don't be like that. I shared, and now it's your turn. Go ahead, missy. Tell me your secret."

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 415

Jun. 8th, 2007

To The Left

You've just won an award! What would it be and why?

I'm sorry. I need to pause to laugh for a moment.

Okay, done. I wouldn't get any awards. I really wouldn't.

Well, no, that's a lie. The fake me that Gotham City gets to see, the beautiful, buxom, perfectly made-up heiress who partakes in countless charities and in does lots of work for social improvement - she would probably win lots of awards. She actually has won lots of awards. Awards that I can't even remember because I'm on autopilot then, because that woman, that Kate Kane (or Kathy, as the socialites are apt to call her) is just a front. An image. Someone who isn't truly me. So I don't remember them. It's not like they're that important. I'm doing what I'm doing because it's what I have to do. It's what society demands of me.

But the real me? I don't think she'd win many awards. She's not as bright and sunny and do-goodery as that other me. Well, no, she is do-goodery.

But it wouldn't do for the world to know I'm Batwoman, now, would it?

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 179

May. 14th, 2007

To The Left


There are more graveyards in Gotham City than I can count. It’s not surprising, really. Gotham is a large, sprawling city, and the amount of crime in this city would demand that there be graveyards to house victims of that crime. What a lot of people don’t know is that the graveyards in Gotham City are also split by a sort of class system. That is to say, when I die, my grave won’t be in a graveyard where they bury the bodies of people who were not a part of high society.

So of course, my mother’s grave is in the same graveyard that houses the bodies of the Waynes, the Beaumonts, the Vreelands, and all of those other families. It’s why I can never visit my mother’s grave dressed as Batwoman. It’s why I can never visit this graveyard dressed as Batwoman, period.

I wonder what my mother would say about my being Batwoman? More importantly, I wonder what my mother would say about my personal sexual preference. I never knew my mother well enough to actually be able to guess that. I like to think that she wouldn’t care, that she would be okay with it. But I know that’s wrong. As wonderful a woman that I remember my mother being, she was still part of that part of Gotham society where everything different and out of the mold is wrong and taboo.

So would she, too, have privately disowned me?


I like to think not, though. Mothers are supposed to be loving and caring and nurturing. They’re supposed to stand behind you for every decision you make and support those decisions.

That’s the type of mother I’m going to keep believing that my mom was. It’s a much more comforting thought than the alternative, all things considered.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 302

May. 1st, 2007

To The Left

Tell the story of one of your past scars.

I've always prided myself on having a flawless body. I'm five feet nine inches tall, which, while it's not horribly tall, is a wonderful height for someone who's supposed to be one of the most beautiful, sought-after women in Gotham City. Let's face it, there are few women here who can rival me in beauty. The only other ones I can truly even think of are Veronica Vreeland, Silver St. Cloud, and a mysterious socialite named Selina Kyle.

Do I sound vain? I am. You don't grow up the way I've grown up and not be conceited enough to not believe that you are one of world's most beautiful living women. You just don't.

That beauty's been scarred, though. What was once a perfect, buxom body with smooth, flawless skin now has a scar right above where my heart should be. I can thank Bruno Mannheim for that. Come to think, I already did, with a very literal knife stabbed into his back. He deserved it. You try to kill me, I try to kill you back. Tit for that. That's the Kane way, and whether I like it or not, I sometimes need to give in to that. I guess you could call that my mental scarring.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 208.

Apr. 20th, 2007

To The Left

Who's your best friend and why?

As a socialite, I’m not supposed to have a best friend. No, really. Things like best friends and marrying for love don’t work in high society, especially not in Gotham City. They never have, and they never will.

That being said, I actually (and maybe surprisingly) do have a best friend. She’s a lot like me, really. She’s a sparkling socialite (funny how those two words always seem to go together), smart, tough, outspoken, and incredibly beautiful. Her name is Silver St. Cloud. Yeah, that Silver St. Cloud. The ex-girlfriend of an ex-merkin. Well, if you can call Bruce Wayne an ex-merkin. They had a pretty high profile relationship too.

Which isn’t the point here.

I’ve known Silver since I was a little girl. Her mother Sable and my mom were best friends growing up, and that friendship translated to the two of us. We went to the same European boarding schools, and we even went to college together.

She knows everything that there is to know about me. Including the fact that I’m Batwoman. I had to tell her, I couldn’t not. She was the first person I came out to when I was ready to tell people I was a lesbian, the first girl I ever tried to kiss. She was there with me through my break up with Renee, just as I was there with her through her tragic break-up with Bruce. In fact, it was her idea for me to use Bruce as a merkin, though she wouldn’t tell me why. She means a lot to me, and not in a romantic way. Silver is very much like a sister to me. One who I cherish a lot.

Life would be a lot crappier without her around, even if she isn’t always living in Gotham City.

Muse: Kate Kane/Batwoman
Fandom: Batman Universe
Words: 300

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